moto720 main image

Last week ARC Audio of Modesto, CA took an alternative and yet creative direction to announce the coming release of their latest amplifier design, the MOTO720.  The effort came in response to the upcoming events at the US governments Area 51 military base in Nevada. Marketed as an effort to protect and secure its assets ARC Audio promoted this effort as a relocation of a secret product to be shipped to select dealers in advance of the September 20th invasion. Each of the selected dealers produced an unboxing video for their social media platforms as they introduced the world to the new ARC Audio MOTO 720 powersports amplifier. This effort was completed in just a few short days with the help of members of ARC’s in house production staff and has been a phenomenal success resulting in 10 individually produced dealer unboxing videos resulting in tens of thousands of views stemming to countries worldwide!

Check out all the details on this amazing new amp schedule to start shipping in September by visiting the MOTO720 product page or read up on it in our ARC Audio product spotlight!