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Technical Support Video Pages PS8 Technical Support Pages
SPECIAL NOTE: The PS8 is only available for purchase thru an authorized ARC Audio brick and mortar store retailer!
Current Firmware Version 201078 Posted May 18th 2017
Current Software Versoin 3.0.2 Posted February 23rd 2017
Software compatible operating system Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8, Windows 10
Download PS8 User Software here -DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE HERE-
Analog Inputs 6 Ch. Differential in(RCA or speaker level in)
Digital Inputs Coaxial and TOS link
Input Sensitivity (Low Level) 28mV - 8V RMS
Input Sensitivity (Speaker Level) 72mV - 20V RMS
Autosense Turn on Yes (Speaker Level Ch 1&2)
Aux Input 1 3.5mm unbalanced input (Selectable)
Outputs 8 Channels RCA
Output Voltage 8 Volts
Input Impedance (RCA) 10K Ohms
Input Impedance (Speaker) 200 Ohms
Frequency Response 2Hz - 23.5 kHz @ .82 dB max deviation
Gain Range 88dB
S/N Ratio 1V 1:1 96.5dB
S/N Ratio 4V 1:1 108.5dB
S/N Ratio (Digital in) 110.1dB
Operating voltage 6V - 16.8V (Start/Stop Engine stable on "new units" to 4.5V)
Equalization 248 bands 1/3rd Octave (Linkable) and (Band specific Parametric)
Equalizer adjustable resolution +15dB / -24dB in 1/10dB Steps
Delay Up to 12ms per channel (.01 increments) - Fixed point delay
Crossovers Phase correct AP/HP/LP/BP all channels
X-Over Slopes 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 30dB, 36dB, 42dB, 48dB Slopes (all channels, all bands)
X-Over Damping Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel, Variable Q (All channels all bands)
X-Over Freqs Avilable 10Hz - 20kHz in .01Hz increments
Presets Up to three presets (presets include ALL tuning features)
Bluetooth (Streaming Audio) Yes - Requires ARC BTM module (Sold Separately)
External Controller Yes - (Sold Separately)
Preset Selection without controller Yes - Uses three position switch (Not Included)
Remote Turn On/Off lead timing control Remote On & Off adjustable up to 40sec via software
Windows OS NOTICE Note that the PS8 software is ONLY recommended for use with authentic licensed versions of the Windows Operating system. Use of counterfeit, cracked or hacked versions are not guaranteed to work and can cause unwanted and/or undesired results while using the PS8 or ANY DSP on the market. Use of anything other than an authentic licensed version of Windows will void ALL warranty and support of the PS8 and its user interface