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CXLR 2100 Amplifier

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


Celebrating 20 years of ingenuity and high-end amplifier design, the ARC Audio Limited Edition CXLR 4050 and CXLR 2100 amplifiers are a testament to the design and ingenuity from the industries leading amplifier designer Robert Zeff and his team at Nikola Engineering.

The new CXLR amplifiers combine the classic styling of our original CXL amplifiers with features and technologies introduced in the XXK, KAR and Signature Edition amplifiers that followed celebrating bits and pieces of 20 years of ARC design in a single chassis. The result is a pair of amplifiers that offer exceptional performance thanks to the industry-leading advances made by Robert Zeff and our US-based design team.

The CXLR 4050 and CXLR 2100 are based on a new version of the classic I-beam shaped CXL extruded aluminum heat sink. Though the profile is similar, the new amps feature a modern graphite gray finish. An engraved acrylic panel on the top of each amp further separates the design from their brethren.

Internally, the amplifiers use a Class AB output stage that is combined with our Class G/H power supply. This unique topology delivers the natural and smooth sonic signature and extended frequency response that has made ARC Audio amplifiers so sought after. The multi-step signal tracking power supply increases amplifier efficiency to more than 85% - an achievement unheard of for a Class AB amp.

A microprocessor controls the advanced power supply, ramping up voltage during high-demand situations and rolling it back to improve efficiency when things are quiet. The microprocessor also monitors the amplifiers operating conditions, reporting any faults by flashing the protection LED to alert the installer to over-temperature, under- or over-voltage, short circuit or DC output situations. These diagnostic codes speed up troubleshooting and save technicians time.

Each CXLR amplifier is hand-assembled, tested and certified right here in Modesto, California. Tight tolerance handpicked audio grade surface-mount components are loaded onto the boards in one precision board house facilities. The boards and heat sinks are delivered to a member of our in-house team for final component insertion, assembly, testing, certification and tuning. Our in-house technicians combine gain-matched output devices and high-quality Ultra-Low ESR audio grade capacitors and components before biasing each channel phase by hand for perfect performance. Only once each amp has passed our rigorous testing and listening verification processes do we create an individualized, signed and numbered birth certificate for each unit using our Audio Precision dynamic performance analyzer.

The CXLR 2100 is a two-channel amplifier rated to produce 200 watts per channel. The CXLR 4050 is a four-channel amp rated at 100 watts per channel. Both amplifiers feature full balanced differential inputs for exceptional noise rejection and compatibility with factory-installed source units and amplifiers. Flexible high- and low-pass crossovers with a frequency multiplier switch ensures protection for almost any speaker available. The amplifiers are bridgeable to provide additional power into a four-ohm load and include signal-summing circuitry to reduce distortion and improve efficiency.

Only 200 of each model amplifier will ever be made. The production and serial number for each amp are laser-engraved into the acrylic top panel and each amp ships in an aluminum flight case. As they say, don’t delay in ordering yours, they won’t last long, and when they are gone, they’re gone forever. Contact your local ARC Audio retailer for ordering information.

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