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X2 1100.5

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


One amplifier running an entire system without compromise to sound quality of overall performance? Yes, it's true! Following the success and bar-raising XDi Series, the X2 Series of amplifiers offer users enhanced performance, bandpass crossovers on all channels and improved filtering to extend the XDi application legacy. These upgrades make X2 one of the finest affordable multi-channel all-in-one amplifiers available.

Robert Zeff has does it again with this single package solution designed to run your mid's/highs and subs from a single compact amplifier.

The X2 1100.5 is a compact and elegant design that is small enough to fit just about anywhere in a vehicle allowing you that personalized "Big Sound" without the loss of valuable storage space.

Capable of producing 150 watts to each of the four main channels; the X2 1100.5 provides enough power and dynamics to satisfy any audio enthusiast while still leaving enough in reserve for those late night jam sessions. With its elegant silver brushed-aluminum extruded aluminum cosmetic case (X2 Level 2 cosmetics package) and affordable price point, the X2 amplifier series is perfect for the daily driver or the wildest of custom installations.

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