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X2 650.1

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


Looking for a compact subwoofer amplifier solution? The X2 650.1 is a 650-watt monoblock amp designed specifically for that application. Traditionally designed for subwoofer applications the X2 650.1 is a full range micro beast that can power most any moderate to high power subwoofer application. This amp is perfect for those demanding single sub or moderately-rated dual subwoofer applications.

Trimmed with ARC Audio's level 1 X2 Series cosmetics the simple but elegantly designed stamped top cover design is accented with a diamond cut aluminum badge and a texture coated finish. Removing the top screws allows users to rotate the badge literally in any direction improving the amplifiers flexibility for installation.

Not a fan of the silver top cover finish and want the black hair line finish found on the XDi V2 Amplifier Series? No problem. All Level 1 X2 amps can be upgraded with the Level 2 XDi cosmetic shroud kit. Simply purchase the XDi Trim Kit that suits your needs and drop it right on the X2 amplifier (Note that the XDi trim kits only come with the illuminated XDi badge. The X2 illuminated badge is not available at this time). The X2 650.1 is specifically designed for subwoofer applications and is frequency limited from 20Hz - 230Hz.

Want more power but can't afford the real estate of a larger amp? No problem. The X2 650.1 can be strapped with another X2 650.1 to give users up to 1100 watts of power into a 4-ohm of full range or frequency limited signal split between the two individual amps.

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