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Blackbird Amplifier

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Following in the footsteps of ARC Audio’s PS8-50 DSP amplifier would be a tough act for any product engineer. Yet, the engineers at ARC Audio have taken the evolutionary step in engineering technology, in-house design, overall sound quality and performance with the ARC Audio Blackbird DSP Amplifier.

The Blackbird comes in an OEM-location, installation-friendly chassis design, sized the exact same as its predecessor, the PS8-50. Equipped with all the latest advancements, features, and acoustically transparent benefits of ARC Audio’s Pro Series DSP platform, the Blackbird will easily fit under a seat or in a storage compartment of almost any vehicle. Capable of over 1,000 Watts of combined power across 8 channels of bridgeable amplifier speaker outputs, the Blackbird delivers between 75W – 250W of power per channel (depending on your configuration). As with all ARC Audio amplifier models, these power ratings are continuous power ratings (real music power ratings) and are conservatively rated assuring you get more power than the published rating.

Additional advancements on the ARC Audio Blackbird include four dedicated, DSP-controlled RCA outputs capable of up to 8V output each for a total of 12-Channels of Pro-Series DSP control. These additional RCA outputs offer users and installers the ability to add additional amplifiers with dedicated DSP control without taking away any tuning control from the Blackbird’s primary eight amplifier outputs.

The Blackbird features optimum design for the most discriminating audiophiles building a complete aftermarket system, as it offers one of the most extensive and finite tuning feature-sets, tied in with one of the largest built-in catalogs of hardware options designed for OEM-integration-based systems on vehicles where removing the stock radio is simply not an option. Adding on to the list of features, the ARC Audio Blackbird is also equipped with iDATA Maestro OEM Integration technology. Maestro compatibility ensures direct plug-and-play OEM integration with thousands of vehicles, giving you the flexibility of a fully customizable audio system while retaining all the OEM features and operations that you have become accustomed to.

DSP power and tuning? We’ve got it covered. The all-new ARC Audio 12-channel Pro-Series DSP platform in the Blackbird is capable of processing audio streams up to 96kHz at 32-bit, thus raising the bar on what can be achieved in high-end audiophile and OEM integration audio systems. The new DSP features 444 bands of One-Third-Octave or Parametric equalization, with adjustments up to +20dB/-24dB per band in 1/10th dB increments, by either individual band/global/mix adjustments. The Pro-Series DSP also features completely assignable first and second order All-Pass Filters, Shelving Filters, Output-Signal-Delay up to 30mS per channel, Output Phase 0/180 degrees per channel, Input and Advanced Output Signal Mixers, Output Trim Controls and one of the most extensive selections of crossover damping types and mixed slopes available of any processor in the 12V market.

Simply put, prepare for the Blackbird to redefine the industry standard for all-in-one, compact amplifier/DSP technology. Need more info? No problem! Call one of our support advisors and we can get you all the details you need.

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