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20' USB Micro Cable

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


Tired of short USB cables and limited range of connection with your digital sound processors when tuning? The ARC Audio USB-20micro is a single piece 20' continuous USB cable designed to give you the flexibility to be outside of your car or in the driver's seat when tuning regardless of where your DSP is installed.

Using a single piece design, the USB-20micro eliminates the buggy and intermittent communications issues found in USB extension cables and USB amplifiers both resulting in possible corrupt setting files, poor laggy communication with your DSP and unwanted tuning results. Tested and confirmed to be good to 20' with "Most" any quality built PC and laptop computer. Priced at $12, the ARC Audio USB-20micro is priced to allow you to install it into the vehicle and not have to worry about installing and removing a cable every time you want to tune while risking damaging the connectors or weakening connection points.

The USB-20micro is a perfect match for use with the ARC Audio PSM and other ARC Audio Digital Sound Processors.

USB Type - USB-Micro

Length - 20ft

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