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SRI Signal Summing Module

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


Today's vehicles are more challenging than ever to integrate aftermarket audio components into these days. Many vehicles don't leave the ability to swap out the factory radio with something more appealing and lets say it, a better sounding solution into its place. This traditionally leaves you with having to integrate your system to the factory speaker leads which in many cases are not full range and are frequency limited to the application of the speakers that were hooked up to them. Don't throw in the towel yet.

The SRI is an easy to use, compact and extremely effective signal summing module that allows you to combine these dedicated limited frequency source leads and combine those signals into a full range usable signal allowing you to build that dream audio system in your vehicle the way that you want it. After the initial connection setup is as simple as placing the provided CD into your music source and turn some dials till they turn green. After that, it's sky's the limit.

2/4/6 Channel High/Speaker Level Input W/Removable Header Plugs For Easy Service

Signal Summing Capability Into A Single Pair Of RCA Outputs

Selectable Summing, Pass-Thru Channel Assignment

High-Impedance Input Input Levels To Virtually Eliminate Noise Problems

Multi-Color Set-Up LED's With Setup Disk (Disk Included) For Easy Input Level Setting

Auxiliary RCA Signal Input with Remote Level Control

Selectable Signal-Sense Or Traditional Turn-on W/Patented Bridge Mode Detection Circuit

Optional Auto-Detect Mode To Detect BLT (Chip) Used In Most Head Units And Stock Amplifiers

Selectable Signal Ground Isolation Circuit To Help Eliminate With Any Unwanted Noise

Turn-On Input Becomes Turn-On Output To Aftermarket Amplifiers Etc When Used In Signal Sensing Mode

Robert Zeff Design

Gold plated RCA Output Connections

Optional RJ45 High-Voltage Balanced Output Connectors (For SE amplifier Use Only) 8-Volts Output



Design Type: Signal Summing module / LOC

Input Voltage Range: 1.8V RMS - 19V RMS

MAX Output Voltage: 8V RMS

Gain Range: +/- 20dB

Frequency Response: 10Hz - 33kHz

THD: .006%

Input Impedance: 38k Ohms

Current Draw: 200mA

Remote Output Current (Low): 25mA

Dimensions: 8.0(W) x 5.25"(D) x 1.0"(H)

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