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HD-FH2014-RCA Integration Harness

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


The HD-FH2014-RCA is our newest plug-and-play wiring kit. It remains the easiest way to integrate a MOTO 720, MOTO 600.4, KS125.2 Mini, PSM-Pro and/ or PSM to your 2014+ HD Street Glide or 2015+ HD Road Glide factory radio.

The HD-FH2014-RCA kit includes all the parts needed to install the above amplifiers and/or PSM-Pro into your HD motorcycle including the required pre-loomed, terminated, and fused power wire designed specifically for the power requirements of the amplifier. We re-engineered the integration harness into four individual pieces to create a space-saving harness that allows for tailored signal-wire routing. The new harness still picks up signals at the speaker pods, rather than using a bulky Quad-Lock connector at the back of the radio. In addition, the smallest details were considered down to the single blue butt connector needed for the remote turn-on lead, when connecting your amplifier to the (optional) PSM-Pro digital sound processor.

We corrected the “reversed” wiring in the speaker pods without cutting any wires! You have probably read on audio forums or watched videos of people advising you to cut the factory speaker wires in the pods to “correct” the polarity. The 2014+ generation of Harley Touring models are known for their “reversed” speaker connectors. While most of the aftermarket industry (including ARC Audio) makes speakers with a large terminal for the positive(+) wire and a small terminal for the negative(-) wire, Harley does the opposite. Instead of having to cut the wires in the pods, we corrected the polarity in our wiring harness. With our wire kit, you just connect the speaker-pod wires to the corresponding size speaker terminal and your polarity will be correct.

No Cutting, No Splicing, No soldering. The HD-FH2014 is as easy as it gets! (No warranties voided!).

Complete wiring and installation kit for integrating ARC Audio MOTO Series and KS125.2 Mini amplifiers into 2014+ HD motorcycles

Color-Coded Plug-and-Play design. The RCA wires are color-coded in standard ISO grey and white. When connecting to the PSM-Pro, simply plug the grey and white RCAs from the integration harness to the grey and white RCAs on the PSM-Pro input harness.

Designed to work with factory radios on 2014+ Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles.

OEM-style looming and materials used in harness preparation.

HD-FH2014 wire kit includes:

(1) pre-loomed, terminated, 100% copper, 8 AWG main power/ground harness with inline fuse

(1 set) plug-and-play input/output signal integration harness

(1) pre-terminated 18 AWG remote turn-on wire (now 18” long)

(1) adhesive-backed hook-and-loop fastener (for mounting amplifier)

(1) blue butt connector for turn-on lead connection (when using the ARC Audio PSM DSP)

(10) zip ties

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