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RG15 Amplifier Mounting Bracket

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


The RG15 mounting bracket is specifically designed to allow installation of a MOTO 720, MOTO 600.4 or KS125.2 Mini amplifier in the fairing of 2015+ Harley Davidson Road Glide Motorcycle. You DO NOT have to cut or modify any part of the fairing support structure top use the RG15. 

Installation of the kit can’t be any simpler. Remove the fairing cover, unplug the radio, remove the four bolts that hold the radio in and lift it up. The plate mounts above the fairing structure and under the radio. The RG15 allows our amplifier to mount in the same location that Harley mounts their stock Boom Audio amplifier. 

The kit includes ALL hardware needed to mount either the ARC Audio MOTO 600.4 or KS 125.2 Miniamplifier. *When mounting the MOTO 720 amplifier, you will use the four small, black mounting screws that shipped with the MOTO 720, in combination with the large washers that shipped with the RG15.

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