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Speaker Adapter Rings

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


Get the benefits of a larger driver in your bike without having to modify your motorcycles factory speaker locations. Each pair of 6.5" adapter rings are made of compressed composite & ABS featuring a smooth transition contour between openings and fits in place of the factory speaker spacer ring allowing for a broader speaker selection of drivers with larger motor structures. This design also gives a greater distance between the face of the driver and the ferring so the surround and cone of the speakers will not be damaged.

  • For Use Of 6.5 Inch Speakers In Place Of Factory 5 1/4" Speakers In The Stock Locations Without Modifications Or Customization.

  • Made Of Durable Hi-Pressure Hi-Temperature ABS.

  • Replaces Factory Speaker Spacers On Fairing Based 1999-2013 HD Street Glide and Roadglide Motorcycles.

  • Features Contoured Reduction Shaping To Allow For Smoother Sound Transition To The Factory Speaker Opening Without Narrow Platform Step Mounting Like Other Competitor Speaker Rings.

  • Smooth Contoured Funnel Reduction Shaping Prevents Speaker From Resting On Sharp Edges, Reduces Potential Frequency Cancellation, And Improves Overall Output Of New Larger Speakers.

  • Slim Profile Design Allows For Most Higher Performance Larger Format Speaker Installations Without Fitment Issues.

  • (Speakers Sold Separately)

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