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KS 600.2 V3 Amplifier

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


When people talk to us about the KAR Series line of amplifiers the two words we always hear are “Solid”, “Proven”, and “Quality”. These very reasons define why we took the steps necessary to give a fresh start to a classically proven line that has helped drive ARC Audio as a go to line for car audio enthusiasts and music lovers worldwide.

In the huge world of Class-D amplifiers many people forget about the efficiency and sonic benefits of Class-G/H amplifiers. However, those sub compact Class-D amplifiers may be cute to look at but there are other things to consider. If your amplifier doesn't sound any better than the stock radio what are you really gaining? The KS series amplifiers are a totally "out of the box" rethink of what an amplifier can be. By taking a proven but underutilized Pro Audio amplifier class and bringing it up to date with modern components we can achieve uncompromising sound quality in a compact chassis that makes installation in even the most challenging cars and trucks a breeze.

Class G and Class G/H amplifiers offer the best of all possible characteristics. Power output, distortion, efficiency, heat, noise, size are all class leading specs with this design. But why does this class of amplifier perform so well? It's built for music, not test tones or noise. When an amplifier is playing music, even at full volume, due to its dynamic nature, it is only working above 1/2 power about 10% of the time. You only need full power during the very loud passages like the impact of a drum or the pluck of a bass string. The rest of the time your 700-watt amp is making less than 350 watts. That's where the KS amp's Class G/H design comes into play. It's like having 2 amps in one. A 400-watt amp is much smaller and produces a lot less heat. Then, in a fraction of a second, your amp becomes an 800-watt monster that is ready for any musical challenge. The trick to making this work is in striking a balance between switching the high-power section on and off. It takes the years of experience Nikola Engineering has to achieve this delicate balance.

The V3 difference? Simply, MORE POWER and an update look! We took one of our most popular designs and gave it a boost over its V2 predecessor. Were giving you more power per channel while keeping the performance, reliability and sonic expectations that users have come to expect from ARC Audio. The KS 600.2 V3 is a truly SQ packed powerhouse that offers users a powerful moderately sized amplifier that can deliver up to 1200 watts of power for subwoofer applications and/or those full range marine tower applications and up to 600 watts of power per channel for your dynamic powerhouse components systems.

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