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MOTO6.2 Component Speaker Set

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


The ARC Audio "Moto" Series offers the optimum balance of acoustical harmony and high performance all wrapped up in a single design in a design that caters specifically to the motorcycle environment. Designed by ARC Audio's acoustical engineering division, Moto Series speakers use only today's most advanced and durable acoustical materials and components allowing users a cost-friendly solution that will give any enthusiast an unparalleled musical experience on their motorcycle.

Emphasizing sonic characteristics traditionally found in the finest home and pro audio component systems, Moto Series coaxial and component speaker systems create new levels of musical enjoyment and personalization placing emphasis on enhanced mid-bass and low-frequency response, dynamically engineered midrange for rich, natural and pronounced vocals and instrumentation while efficiently enhancing upper frequencies with finesse and dynamic performance giving you the most value possible that can be heard even at 65+ MPH when stepping up your systems acoustical and performance capabilities.

MOTO Series component systems include air core inducted high-end performance based audiophile quality crossover networks while the Coaxial systems include integrated tweeter crossovers and protection. ARC Audio Moto Speakers are only available from authorized brick and mortars retail locations and exclusively through

MOTO Series Speakers are available in a broad range of sizes, including 6-1/2" coaxial and 6-1/2" component system configurations.

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