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MOTO 720 Amplifier

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


Don't miss out on the incredible power and features of the MOTO720 amplifier. This compact, motorcycle-specific device delivers more power and features than its predecessor, the MOTO 600.4, and despite its name, it is also suitable for use in exotic cars and trucks due to its small footprint. The MOTO720 offers an unbeatable 720 watts of power across four channels, and a whopping 360 watts when bridged to a single four-ohm speaker. It has a Load Select switch that allows installers to optimize power production for each installation, and new speaker terminal blocks integrated into the amplifier chassis for solid and reliable power delivery. The MOTO720 also includes quick-connect plugs for signal connections, input level range switches, adjustable sensitivity control, and defeatable high-pass and low-pass crossovers. It also has an upgraded remote turn-on detection circuit, and a microprocessor that monitors the operation and health of the amplifier. Don't let water damage hold you back, the MOTO720 is not waterproof, but has two conformal coating layers to prevent damage in high-humidity environments and possible water damage. Upgrade your sound system today with the MOTO720 amplifier before it's too late!

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