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Moto series CX69 speakers deliver an enhanced level of balanced output
and efficiency over the previous design with improved mid-bass extension and accuracy, with complete attention given to the open environment applications speakers in this category, are designed for.

Based on a reimagined design, these next-gen speakers handle more power and shrug off water, dust, and debris better than their predecessors. They are technically a component speaker set with the tweeter mounted on a bridge above the woofer. The benefit of this design is a significant increase in the woofer cone area that improves efficiency and enhances low-frequency output capabilities. The elimination of the second weather-resistant surround around a coaxial pole piece found on its predecessor, the Moto692, provides an additional improvement in sound quality.

The basket features a high-density pressure cast four-spoke basket that features eight large hi-velocity cooling vents under the spider mounting plateau to help heat from the voice coil escape this custom-tooled design.

The motor is based around a Y35A-grade ferrite magnet, and the top plate is CNC-cut hot-rolled steel. Most listeners will perceive this upgrade over the previous design as delivering a smoother and more accurate midrange response with better overall accuracy and higher levels of efficiency effectively delivering more sound per watt than other brands while remaining composed with unmatchable musical properties.

As a complete scratch design, the staff in ARC Audio’s speaker transducer engineering team spent significant time optimizing every component for this new design. The woofer cones are based on an injection-molded polypropylene doped with carbon to increase thermal stability and improve the damping characteristics. Built with entirely UV-resistant materials that can stand the test of time the CX69 features a hi-clearance low-shore rubber surround and a form molded dual-step sealed 1-piece dust cap that covers the tri-layered bonded joint between the cone, the spider, and the 1.45-inch glass ber voice coil former.

The Moto CX69’s large diameter of the voice coil helps to improve thermal power handling by increasing its total surface area. Using lightweight, layered Kapton and glass ber as a foundation the CX69’s pure OFC copper windings are built using ARC Audio’s proprietary “Step-up” power handling design requirements greatly improving the thermal rating and overall power handling of the speaker. Likewise, the choice of a ferrite magnet allows it to act as a large-mass thermal heat sink to wick heat away from the voice coil assembly. The result is a speaker design that can “easily” handle its rated 125-watt musical / 300-peak power level rating with ease.

The spider is made of hybrid Nomex and features a constant wave progressive rolled design that prevents the assembly from bottoming out at extreme power levels. The spider, coil former, and cone are stagger step bonded together with a high-temperature adhesive rated for over 230 degrees C (440+ F) to ensure reliability and improve strength at extended hi-level listening periods.

Moving onto the tweeter of the CX69 the team at ARC used a highly efficient but sonically superior polyetherimide (PEI) and mylar dome damped with Norseal PVC mesh on the dome of this sealed and suspended design. This unique composite dome design is popular in pro audio compression drivers as it combines strength and damping with heat- and weather resistance. The CX69 Tweeters 25mm voice coil, much like the midrange uses a hi-temperature temper, step-cured adhesives on a copper voice coil wrapped around a composite Kapton mesh former, and a neodymium slug in the center of the voice coil serves as the motor.

Simply put, the CX69 is loaded with the latest and greatest speaker components and assembly technology. If you’re searching for a motorcycle speaker that sounds realistic and offers impressive midbass performance while still getting loud, then the MOTO CX69 should be the target product for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle, UTV, or even Marine audio application!

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