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Announcing the newest addition to the ARC Audio subwoofer lineup, the A-Series. The A-Series subwoofers were designed specifically for applications with limited space that require a lower profile than a standard subwoofer. Performance is designed for the street enthusiast who wants good sound quality, the ability to have some fun at higher output levels, and is still a fraction of the price of higher-end subwoofers like the SW Series. The A-Series is available in 10” and 12” sizes in both 2-ohm or 4-ohm configurations. Both the A-10 and A-12 only require 3.85” mounting depth and all models feature multi-point geometric basket/motor component resonation control which reduces losses found in a traditional subwoofer. The theme of the A-Series was meant as a tribute to the US armed forces, its dedicated members, and the technology that makes them a superior force around the world. Just like the iconic aircraft that they are named after, the A-10 and A-12 feature advanced technology, are hard-hitting, and very robust. The A-10 comes in at 500-watt peak, 250-watt RMS while the A-12 comes in at 600-watt peak and 300 watt RMS. Simply put, it’s a great all-around sub without breaking the bank!

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