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A Solution For Factory Systems With More Than 8 Channels

For years factory systems with more than 8-channels left their owners with the only choices to stay stock or compromise with loss of channels in their audio system. Now the power of the ARC Audio Pro-Series DSP and iData Maestro “AR” module has broken new grounds with the ability to go beyond the traditional 8-channel barriers!

You can now use all of the channels and speaker locations that today’s new vehicles come with and keep 100% of that factory look, feel, and operation you have grown to love. The multi-link function is exclusive to the ARC Audio Pro-Series DSP platform and designed for applications, like our Ford Flex demo vehicle, which came stock with 12-channels. In the past, we would have been limited to only 8 of those channels. By linking multiple Pro-Series DSPs in conjunction with multiple Maestro AR modules, we can now utilize all of those channels (and more). Check out the install guide below for more information.

Download PDF • 837KB

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