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iData Maestro for ARC Audio Pro Series DSP Solutions Now Available

ARC Audio of Modesto, California, and Automotive Data Solutions of Montreal, Quebec, have completed the development and testing of the iData Maestro AR interface for its complete line of Pro-Series Digital Signal Processors. The PS8-Pro, PS8-50 and IPS 8.8 are now compatible with the Maestro AR amplifier replacement interface and its latest firmware to provide direct control over your choice of Pro-Series DSP from the factory-installed audio system source unit in more than 500 different Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Volkswagen, Maserati, and Ram cars and trucks.

Upgrading the audio system in these vehicles using the Maestro AR and ARC Audio’s processors and solutions becomes predictable and reliable with no need to guess about signal bandwidth, processing, or noise affecting the outcome. A direct hard-wired remote turn-on trigger is provided to activate the audio system reliably. This dedicated connection negates the need for signal-sensing-based installations.

The process starts with the client purchasing an iData Maestro AR module and the appropriate vehicle-specific T-harness that is compatible with Pro-Series DSP devices. The correct harness for compatible applications can be found at . On the amp and processor side, you will need to choose a PS8-Pro, PS8-50, or IPS 8.8 plus the IDATA-OEM input cable. The IDATA-OEM cable is manufactured and sold by ARC Audio, not by ADS.

After programming and installing the vehicle specific firmware to the Maestro AR module via IDATA Maestro’s Weblink Desktop installer app, vehicle-specific installation guides and wiring diagrams are provided by iData for the specific vehicle installation.  It is important to follow these guides as different vehicles use different connection configurations on common vehicle platform harnesses. Details are provided in the Vehicle Wire Reference Chart in each guide. Finally, users can finish defining their system configuration in the ARC Audio Pro-Series DSP utility software. Identifying settings like channel assignments and are required so the Maestro AR module knows where everything is in your vehicle. Proper settings ensure functions like the fader and balance controls work properly.

Taking it one step further the ARC Audio Pro-Series DSP software provides extensive customization of radio-based features as well as the system configuration and tuning tools that have created many of the best-sounding mobile audio systems on the planet. Adjustments for tone control shelf-frequency and midrange EQ are all configurable in the software. Likewise, certain vehicle platforms provide speed-based volume functions that can be assigned to allow different presets/tunes for perfect sound while cruising around town or traveling on the Interstate.

Compatible ARC Audio Pro-Series Devices

PS8-Pro – Eight-Channel Stand-alone Digital Signal Processor

IPS 8.8 – Eight Channel Digital Signal Processor compatible with ARC 1000.2, ARC 1000.4 and ARC 1000.6 amplifiers

PS8-50 – Eight-Channel Amplifier with integrated Eight-Channel Digital Signal Processor. Rated at 8x50 Watts @ 4-Ohms, 8x100 watts @ 2-Ohms.

For more information about ARC Audio products, visit your local authorized ARC Audio distributor,(Find a dealer here- ARC Audio Authorized Dealer Locator)  or call us directly at 209-543-8706. For information about Automotive Data Solutions, please contact an authorized Maestro retailer or for details and fitment guide. For details on the IDATA-OEM adapter harness from ARC Audio please visit the product page at

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