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SW 12 Inch Subwoofer

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Everyone knows that space is at an absolute premium in today’s cars and trucks. The new ARC Audio SW-Series shallow-mount subwoofers offer a balance of great sound quality and output from an incredibly compact package to satisfy the needs of the most demanding music lovers.

The SW subwoofers require only 2-5/8 inches of mounting depth while handling 400 watts RMS and 800 watts peak power. Most impressively, the 15.5mm linear one-way excursion design delivers low-frequency impact and output levels not typically associated with shallow-mount designs.

The subwoofer features an N42UH rare earth magnet in the motor assembly. N42UH is a Neodynium Iron Boron (NdFeB) alloy that can handle temperatures over 350 degrees. This thermal capacity ensures the subwoofer will sound great when pushed hard without the fear of reduced efficiency.

The front-motor design affords three significant performance and application benefits. First, having the motor in front of the cone reduces the mounting depth requirements of the subwoofer. The SW12 requires a mere 2-5/8” of depth and without a vented pole piece, can be placed against the back of the enclosure. On the front side, the motor on the SW12 is only 2 ¼” above the mounting surface giving it an overall design depth of less than 5”.

Secondly, having the motor outside of the enclosure improves the thermal power handling capabilities of the driver. Instead of the motor being buried inside the enclosure, it’s exposed to cool air to improve convective cooling. As such, you can play the SW-Series subwoofers louder and for longer periods with less fear of damage or power compression

Finally, the voice coil and motor occupy space that would normally be wasted by the concave shape of the cone. The motor also serves to protect the driver, allowing you to push a seat-back right up against the subwoofer with no fear of damage.

The cone is made from a cellulose fiber that has been pressed and treated with a hydrophobic coating to ensure high-humidity environments don’t affect the performance of the system. The cone is affixed to the cast-aluminum basket with rubber surround on the top and a woven poly-cotton and Nomex spider. To increase the thermal powering, the SW12 features a 3” CCAW voice coil which is wrapped around an aluminum former to help wick away heat. The cone, former and spider, are all attached to a custom aluminum Triple-Joint reinforcement plate that further enhances the driver’s reliability and performance.

SW Subwoofers are designed to be used almost exclusively in front-loaded application like down-firing under-seat enclosures, or against seatbacks. Unlike some products in this category, the SW subwoofers love to deliver levels of effortless low-frequency output commonly associated with conventional designs.

Take your mobile entertainment system to an entirely new level with the ARC Audio SW-Series subwoofers. Their shallow mounting requirements, massive excursion capabilities and impressive power handling ensure music lovers will be impressed by every note.

#### NOTE: The SW Series subwoofer is designed specifically for front-loaded applications. Examples of these applications would include down-fire or under-seat application, firing into rear seats, or other front-loaded style applications. These subs, unlike other front motor designs, are equipped with a hi-excursion motor design with a 3" voice coil. For optimum performance and enjoyment it is not recommended to use these subwoofers in an open box application within the main cabin of the vehicle if it is not on one of these front-loaded applications.

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