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X2 1.0 Tweeters

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


This larger tweeter includes a tuned rear chamber that enhances upper midrange response creating a smooth and elegant but robustly durable design for all types of music. The low resonant frequency of the X2 tweeters in the X2 component systems system improves imaging when the tweeters are mounting on the dash, in sail-panels or A-pillars. The passive crossover networks included with all X2 component systems include second-order -12 dB/Octave filters to improve imaging and soundstage characteristics while hand-matched with high-quality polypropylene capacitors for on-board tweeter crossover on each tweeter. These premium caps deliver the improved high-frequency response and a much smoother transition between the tweeter and midrange with predictable, long-term reliability.

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