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X2 402 Speakers

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


The new X2 Series speakers from ARC Audio combine multiple new features generated and developed in conjunction with real-world feedback from retailers and consumers to produce a line of upgrade solutions with amazing sound quality, awesome performance and incredible value. With nine brand new models, there is an X2 speaker for almost every application.

All X2 Series speakers feature brand new custom designed, proprietary stamped steel baskets with complete considerations for fitment and end performance in mind. The eight-spoke design includes compound curves to increase rigidity and eliminate resonance for clean sound reproduction and at optimized cutout diameters to allow for perfect fitment into OEM applications. Combined with extensive ventilation beneath the spider mounting ledge the new basket design aids in cooling the voice coil assembly and increases linearity at high power levels and helps improve low-frequency response with minimized rear spider compression form and main moving parts.

The all-new woofer cone design in the X2 Series of speakers uses an injection molded polypropylene construction with stranded glass fiber reinforcement to reduce cone breakup and resonance at high excursion levels offering an optimized musical experience at any listening level. Combined with a specifically designed Butyl rubber surround, the X2 Series speaker line promises years of reliable service in even the most extreme temperature conditions without the breakdown and wear and tear found in traditional surround material designs.

The X2 coaxial speakers feature 20mm silk-dome tweeters with a Y-35 neodymium magnet for excellent efficiency. An integrated phase plug improves off-axis response and dynamic stability at all volumes.

Each set of X2 Coaxial speakers uses high-quality audio grade polypropylene capacitors for the onboard tweeter crossover. These premium caps deliver the improved high-frequency response and a much smoother transition between the tweeter and midrange with predictable, long-term reliability.

The component speakers use the X2 5.2 and X2 6.2 component speakers use the same optimized 27mm tweeter found in the X2 1.0 set. This large tweeter includes a tuned rear chamber to provide smooth and elegant upper midrange response in a robust and durable design that works well with all types of music. The low resonant frequency of the X2 tweeters in the X2 component systems system improves imaging when the tweeters are mounting on the dash, in sail-panels or A-pillars.

The passive crossover networks included in all X2 component systems include second-order -12 dB/Octave filters to improve imaging and soundstage characteristics. Imaging and staging are improved further with high quality, hand-matched polypropylene capacitors for onboard tweeter crossovers. Just as with the coaxial speakers, poly caps dramatically outperform their electrolytic counterparts regarding performance and reliability.

An important area of focus during the development of the X2 Series was to ensure that these efficient drivers would work well at head unit power levels and when connected to amplifiers like the X2 450.4, The KS300.4 or even the amazing new DSP-equipped PS8-50. Strong magnetic fields, low-mass cones, and balanced compliant suspensions ensure excellent efficiency while large motor assemblies with large-diameter voice coils ensure that physical power handling is under control.

To ensure reliability and long-term performance of every product in the new X2 speaker line, ARC Audio implemented enhanced testing procedures with the ultimate goal of finding and analyzing the failure points of each individual model to improve the overall design individually extending the life of the speaker in a wider range of applications. All of the X2 speakers were tested for power handling using 8 hours of playback using the RS-426A modified pink noise test signal program. After this power test completes successfully, the process was enhanced by doubling the power level after each successful test until we found the true musical failure point of each driver. This process confirms our intention of delivering an extremely durable and thermally reliable speaker design that offers exceptional long-term performance. Consumers can feel confident that they have made a worthwhile investment and retailers needn’t worry about warranty replacements.

When it comes to upgrading factory sound systems, nobody wants the hassle of trying to make an oversized speaker fit in a factory door speaker location. Honda Accords and Civics for example present a challenge for speaker upgrades for some speakers on the market, as the factory cutout size is often a few millimeters smaller than the required cutout diameter of most aftermarket solutions. With an open canvas approach to the X2 Series, these potential fitment issues were taken into consideration and even the smallest details such as cutout dimensions without reducing woofer cone diameter and terminal locations were designed into this new and extremely versatile line. The X2 6.2 component set and X2 602 coaxial speakers feature a 141.5mm (5.57-inch) cutout requirement. The speakers are less than 2.4 inches deep. Simply put, our speakers fit where many others don’t.

Furthering our attention to detail for those customers only looking to replace and upgrade their OEM speakers, careful attention was made to the tweeter mounting on the coaxial speakers to ensure that there was minimal protrusion. These minimized mounting dimensions for the tweeters help to ensure that X2 coaxial speakers fit behind factory grilles with no interference.
The new X2 speaker family includes 5.25 and 6.5-inch two-way component sets, as well as 4, 5.25, and 6.5-inch coaxial sets. OEM-specific oval speaker offerings include 4x6, 5x7 and 6x9 sizes. As mentioned, the 27mm tweeter is available on its own as the X2 1.0. Each set includes a pair of speakers and a pair of crossovers in the component and stand-alone tweeter applications. As we designed these speakers as an upgrade for factory-installed speakers, we don’t include grilles with the speakers. With their combination of performance features, flexible installation considerations, and tasteful cosmetics, the new X2 Series speakers are destined to reset the industry benchmark for OEM replacement speaker performance.

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