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A Series 10 Inch Subwoofer

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


The A-Series subwoofers were designed specifically for applications with limited space that require a lower profile than a standard subwoofer. Performance is tailored for the street enthusiast who wants great sound quality, the ability to have some fun at higher output levels, at a fraction of the price of other high-end subwoofers. The A-Series is available in both dual 2-ohm or dual 4-ohm configurations. The A-10 only requires a 3.77” mounting depth and the A-12 comes in at 3.85”. All models feature multi-point geometric basket/motor component resonation control which reduces losses found in a traditional subwoofer.

The theme of the A-Series was meant as a tribute to the US armed forces, its dedicated members, and the technology that makes them a superior force around the world. Just like the iconic aircraft that the A-Series are named after, they feature advanced technology, are hard-hitting, and are very robust. Simply put, they are a great all-around subwoofer choice, without breaking the bank!

A-Series subwoofers use a progressive heat-pressed poly-injected pulp cone, delivering a very light weight, durable, and sonically proven design that maximizes the accuracy of the sub across a wide spectrum of listening conditions

The A-Series surround is composed of simple UV grade polyether. This material is a proven performer in subwoofer manufacturing with high standard performance ratings and exceptional resistance to UV, humidity, and stress.

The spider is a progressive, twisted-pile polycotton Nomex-blend that offers premium control and voice coil alignment while minimizing overall mass. This progressive material design allows the sub to maintain linear control of the moving components with nearly any amount of demand being placed on it. This greatly improves accuracy and overall output at all operating levels.

The A-Series subwoofers exclusively use Totoku-brand copper wire voice coil windings, imported from Japan. The voice coils are securely manufactured around a unique spun-laced layered Nomex former with ultra-high-temperature adhesives. These materials and adhesives are combined using a stage up adhesive tempering process creating the ultimate in thermal resistance and reliability under maximum demand.

A-Series subwoofers used a proprietary stamped steel basket design made of high quality cold-rolled steel. The baskets are uniquely designed to handle stress regardless of the position the woofers are mounted.

All gluing surfaces are cleaned and then laser etched and primed prior to adhesion for maximum bonding strength and maximum reliability in high stress conditions. All adhesives and bonding agents are dried using time/temp/humidity controlled bonding process in an environmentally controlled drying room based on the adhesive manufacturers specifications for maximum bonding strength and reliability.

If you need a shallow-mount subwoofer but don’t want to compromise traditional subwoofer performance, then the A-Series subs are for you. Available now, here on our website or through one of our authorized dealers.

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