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BXM Bass Enhancement Module

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


The ARC Audio BXM bass frequency extension module gives you the power to increase the way you hear low frequencies in most any system, especially with those systems where space limitations prevent you from being able to add subwoofers or you're stuck with small speakers due to vehicle design.

BX2 is a bass frequency extension technology that provides perceived bass frequency response below the low frequency cut off in an audio system.

BX2 uses the principle of the missing fundamental, which creates the sensation of low frequencies by generating a carefully calculated series of harmonics designed to simulate the auditory experience in the human ear caused by the missing fundamental pitch.

These harmonics extend the perceived frequency response up to 1.5 octaves below the speaker cutoff frequency (f3) without perceived distortion, increased peak power consumption or peak speaker excursion.

BX2 technology allows the system user to experience dramatically improved levels of system performance, sound quality and improved low-frequency response by:

Increasing low-frequency output and performance without causing the speakers to perform outside their physical design limitations.

The BXM uses 2 channels RCA input is capable of 1.8V RMS output sufficient to drive most any amplifier. The BXM can also be driven from any stock source unit with BTL style speaker output and not require the use of the power, ground or remote turn on power leads.

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