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iData OEM Harness

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


The ARC Audio IDATA-OEM adapter harness is required to unlock the power of any ARC Audio Pro-Series DSP Equipped products with when using the IDATA MAESTRO "AR" (Amplifier Replacement) Module (Sold Separately) and the I-Data Maestro vehicle specific T-Harness (Sold Separately by I-DATA Maestro).

The IDATA-OEM connected inline between the Maestro Vehicle fit T-Harness and the ARC Audio compatible DSP and makes the final connections to sending signal from your OEM source into the DSP. This in conjunction with the Maestro AR module the trio of products allow you to retain a complete OEM experience and interface with your factory source and controls while being able to customize and build your audio system to your own personal needs.

The Maestro AR technology is a Universal amplifier replacement interface compatible with over 500 vehicles 2005 and up. Maestro AR connects to iDatalink-compatible Arc Audio DSP equipped products to enhance sound quality in vehicles with high-end factory audio and infotainment systems or where radio replacement is not possible. Requires vehicle-specific T-harness and AR Module (Both sold Separately by IData-Maestro).

Product Type: Signal Interface Harness for use with Maestro AR Module

Product Type: Required Supplemental Product for use with the IDATA AR module and compatible Pro-Series DSP ARC product.

Sold As: Individual harness

Product Compatible with: IPS8.8, PS8-Pro, PS8-50
(when equipped with IDATA-Maestro AR Module and vehicle specific T-Harness)

Number of Channels: 6-Channels

Factory Turn On Lead: Included in harness for compatible vehicles

Products required for use: ARC Audio Pro-Series Equipped DSP, IDATA Maestro AR module, Maestro Vehicle Specific T-Harness

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