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Noise Gate Module

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


The ARC Audio NGM (Noise Gate Module) is a must-have for any High end or OEM integration audio system. Today’s factory audio systems continue to offer more challenges while installing aftermarket audio components into your new Car or Truck.

Compatible with any ARC Audio Amplifiers the NGM is a refined solution of an old school technology to help eliminate standing background and floor noise issues created by some of today’s factory OEM systems and low-quality aftermarket head units.

Combined with today’s technology and a proprietary design by ARC Audios in-house engineering staff the NGM offers a complete user user-defined of features allowing it to work with most ANY factory OEM system.

Low Level (RCA) Or Speaker Level Inputs

Up To 7 volts Output

Up to 20 volts speaker level input

Optional Low Pass Filter (22.5k) switchable from full noise gate

Plug Type Connections For Power, Ground And Remote Turn-On

Fully User Definable

Compact Size Allows For Easy Installation In Your Dash Or In A Small Space

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