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HD-RSH Tour Pack T-Harness

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


The HD-RSH is a rear speaker T-Harness interface that is designed for 2014 and newer Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles that come factory-equipped with Tour Packs (e.g., Ultra Classic, Ultra Limited, Road Glide Limited).

The HD-RSH T-Harness allows a four-channel amp like the Moto 720 to power the rear Tour Pak speakers without the need to modify any factory wiring. Designed with OEM quality watertight 16-pin male and female connectors, the HD-RSH T-Harness will plug into the rear entertainment system wiring and provides inputs and outputs for our PSM DSP or MOTO 720 amplifier. Four 18-AWG copper conductors deliver the signal from the amplifier efficiently to the rear speakers.

Unlike most upgrades that wire the rear speakers to the front amp channels, the HD-RSH maintains full fading capability. Rear audio and communication controls remain functional with the HD-RSH installed. The pre-loomed harness includes signal input connectors that are directly compatible with the MOTO 720 amplifier and PSM processor. Bikes equipped with an ARC Audio PSM can have the front and rear speakers tuned independently to ensure proper tonal control.

Just as with all our Motorcycle Performance Audio Kits (MPAKs), the installation of the HD-RSH will not modify the factory wiring, thus avoiding potential factory warranty concerns.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with most 2014+ HD Street Glide or Road Glide motorcycles that are factory-equipped with Tour Packs.

  • Designed as a Plug-and-Play harness for compatibility with the ARC Audio PSM and MOTO 720 amplifier and seamless integration with the Tour Pack.

  • Factory watertight Molex connectors prevent corrosion on connections.

  • Design allows retention of the rear passenger audio and communication controls.

  • Fully loomed harness for ease of installation.

  • Tour Pack can be removed from the motorcycle by following the standard factory-recommended methods.

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