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Updated: Feb 26

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, ARC Audio is proud to introduce the all new MOTO720 compact high-power audio amplifier. The MOTO 720 is an ideal amplifier for vehicles and motorcycles alike with its compact design and wide range of flexibility. This new amplifier delivers more power and features from the compact HD motorcycle-specific chassis of the legendary MOTO 600.4. While it carries the MOTO category name, many ARC Audio dealers find the compact 8.125 by 5.5-inch footprint ideal for under-seat in exotic cars and behind-seat installations in trucks.

The MOTO 720 delivers an impressive 720 watts of power across its four output channels and up to 360 watts when bridged to a single four-ohm speaker.

Check out all the details on a true power rated amplifier for your motorcycle that sounds good and lets you rock out on your ride for miles at

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