X2 Series Amplifiers

X2 450.4 Amplifier

X2 450.4

Just because it's the smallest amplifier in the line doesn't mean it can't pack a serious punch. The X2 450.4 may be the baby of the X2 amplifier line, but it provides an impressive 85 Watts per channel. This 4-channel amp can drive even the best speakers to their sonic limits in your vehicle.

X2 850.5 Amplifier

X2 850.5

One amplifier running an entire system without compromise to sound quality of overall performance? Yes, it's true! Robert Zeff has done it again with a single package solution designed to run your speakers and subwoofers from a single, compact amplifier.

X2 650.1 Amplifier

X2 650.1

Looking for a compact subwoofer amplifier solution? The X2 650.1 is a 650-watt monoblock amp designed specifically for that application.

X2 600.4 Amplifier

X2 600.4

The X2 600.4 amplifier delivers 150 watts into 4 channels at 2 or 4 ohms to provide your mids and highs more than enough dynamics and power to satisfy even the most demanding or critical of listeners.

X2 1100.5 Amplifier

X2 1100.5

Capable of producing 150 watts to each of the four main channels; the X2 1100.5 provides enough power and dynamics to satisfy any audio enthusiast while still leaving enough in reserve for those late night jam sessions.

X2 1200.6 Amplifier

X2 1200.6

At 150 Watts by 6 channels at 4 ohms and a plethora of HP, LP, AP and BP crossovers the X2 1200.6 is the perfect amplifier for most any type of system.

X2 1100.1 Amplifier

X2 1100.1

Compact, elegant, and yet full power the X2 1100.1 monoblock amplifier is the answer to any power hungry system in almost any application.

X2 2500.1 Amplifier

X2 2500.1

When power is at the top of your system demands and Bass is the focus of your musical tastes, then the X2 2500.1 should be at the top of your wish list.