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X2 600.4

Please contact your local distributor for current pricing and availability. 


If you have or are an owner of the XDi Series then hold on to your seats. The X2 series is the newest version of this proven and powerful technology. The X2 600.4 offers all of the same features and dynamic power that you fell in love with the XDi 600.4 but with many updates internally and a couple new features that truly dial this wonderful design into pure music lovers musical enjoyment. With the addition of an improved power supply and signal filtering, bandpass crossovers on all channels and much more, the X2 600.4 is a subcompact 4-channel beast that is perfect for any system.

The X2 600.4 amplifier delivers 150 watts into 4 channels at 2 or 4 ohms to provide your mids and highs more than enough dynamics and power to satisfy even the most demanding or critical of listeners.

For those installations where more is better, the X2 600.4 is optimized for use in combination with any of the X2 monoblock amplifiers. This combination provides the most flexibility of any product line available. With bridgeable outputs capable of 300 watts per channel pair; the X2 600.4 is also an optimum selection for those needing a 3 channel amp, it even comes with the remote level control for on-the-fly subwoofer adjustment.

With its new elegant silver brushed-aluminum extruded aluminum cosmetic case (X2 Level 2 cosmetics package) and affordable price point, the X2 600.4 amplifier series is perfect for the daily driver or the wildest of custom installations.

Compact, elegant and yet full of unmatchable power the X2 600.4 4-channel amplifier is small enough to fit just about anywhere in a vehicle allowing you that personalized "Big Sound" without the loss of valuable storage space.

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